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Making calculation assignments faster, more accurate and simply better looking.

User testimonials

“We have implemented Pensolve to convert difficult to follow design spreadsheets into simple and standardised formats, similar to traditional engineering hand calculations. It is utilised within structural design packages issued to clients, as part of the documentation required for council consent.”

"As Managing Director of BVT Engineering, I have researched several products for creating calculation sheets, including Mathcad and TEDDS. However, they all seem to be a complicated way to make a spreadsheet look pretty. We've found that Pensolve works great to take everything that we like about working with spreadsheets, and add the best parts of what was appealing about TEDDS or Mathcad. It also lets our engineers focus on what they are good at, solving problems, rather than rearranging sheets to get them to "look right" for print. I can see realisation of considerable time savings from using Pensolve. Finally, we have found product support to be exceptional, and on-boarding to be comparatively painless."

Why use Pensolve?

Reduced review time

Pensolve converts spreadsheets into transparent formats that are set up for self and peer review

Manage risk

Find operational and design errors that are obscured in spreadsheets

Shareable spreadsheets

Pensolve prompts users to provide clear and simple spreadsheet layouts, so that everyone can use them

Engineering spreadsheet review

Spreadsheet format

Spreadsheet view

Pensolve review format

Pensolve view

"...quickly find calculation errors and understand design decisions in engineering spreadsheets."

Financial Times

"Make complex spreadsheets easy to read and share."

Metro News

"Essentially it is an X-ray for spreadsheets."

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