Pensolve Add-ins

You need to disable add-blocker if using Google Sheets add-ons in Safari

The Excel and Google Sheets add-ins provide a convenient way to interact with the Pensolve services within the spreadsheet.

The Assess spreadsheet button send the spreadsheet to the Pensolve servers to be processed, and receives an assessment of the spreadsheet which can be used to display equations, view dependents and indicate the use of cells though colors.

The "Convert to PDF" button allow you to convert the spreadsheet into a PDF in hand-written calculation format, by sending the spreadsheet to the Pensolve server to process it and providing a link to the converted file

Pensolve mark up cell colors

Constant: A single cell that is used as an input for calculations.

Repeated Constant: An array of cells that are used as inputs for calculations.

Expression: A single calculation cell.

Repeated expression: An array of calculation cells.

Section header: A title of a new calculation section or subsection

Unused: A cell that is not used in any calculations and is not a comment, note, summary text or section header.

PENOUT: Used to set the output verbosity of the spreadsheet, learn more here.

Job number: Used to set the job number in the PDF output.

PENBREAK: Used to split the spreadsheet vertically to allow calculations to be set up in a horizontally. Learn more here.

Pensolve mark up font colors

The name of the parameter

The units of the parameter.

A reference to additional information about the parameter

Text that describes the parameter

Text that describes the calculations at the start of a sheet or section.

A note about the calculations