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How to install Pensolve-Excel add-in

How to install and use the Pensolve-Excel add-in

The Pensolve-Excel add-in provides additional features that are not available on the web-app. The main advantage is that Pensolve can mark up the cells in the spreadsheet based on their usage. The calculation cells are coloured light blue, calculation inputs are yellow, etc (the full mark-up can be found at

Step 1. In Excel - go to the Add-in store

Install step 1

Step 2. Search for the Pensolve add-in

Install step 2

Step 3. Open the Pensolve task pane

Install step 3

Step 4. Review your spreadsheet

Install step 4

Step 5. View cell equations from within Excel

Install step 5

Step 6. Mark up cells with colours based on usage

Install step 6

Step 7. View the PDF output

Install step 7